LMS (learning management system):

Before explaining what LMS is, let us tell you about Michael. Michael has earned a new achievement called “Ambassador”. Now it ranks fifteenth in the overall ranking. But more importantly, he is one position higher than his Miami colleague George (they have been competing with each other for a long time). No, they are not playing World of Warcraft. Michael is a manager in a supermarket that is part of a well-known retail chain. He earned the achievement for completing the “Service Standards” remote course.

You can run your own online training resources and implement the same game rules using the Learning Management System or LMS. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what an LMS is and how it can help you in your training and knowledge transfer efforts.

Co to jest LMS (learning management system)?
What does LMS mean? It is a distance learning platform. Its key features can be found in a nutshell.

L – Learning . The LMS platform enables the creation of a single source of online training and training materials. This platform will become a unique source of knowledge, thanks to which you will be able to maintain and increase the internal expertise of your company.

M – Management . It gives you the ability to manage courses and participants, and even improve your effectiveness.

Unlike file sharing services, LMS is not just a collection of files. On the contrary, it is a well-organized system with which it is possible to manage the training process. To start training, simply add employees and assign training courses to them.

Has your company recently hired new employees? Send them invitations to the introductory training. There was a problem with low sales in the company? Ask salespeople to practice with virtual customers.

Thanks to the platform’s features, such as the calendar, it is possible not only to assign and manage online training, but also classroom sessions. Thus, the LMS can be a kind of do-certain-thing application designed specifically to impart knowledge to e-learners.

S – System . A computer system to be precise. The LMS platform automates the most boring and tedious tasks such as assessing, processing statistics and preparing reports. In addition, you can conduct training of your employees without leaving the office, a work computer is enough to manage all processes.

In other words, the LMS platform is like your own online university. The e-learning system enables the storage and creation of online courses, provides students with access to knowledge, and assists in evaluating the results.

Watch the video below to see how the LMS platform works and how it can help you grow your business.