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What is work performance

Job performance is the set of variables that allow you to evaluate an employee’s performance . It is a very broad concept and often difficult to measure.

It covers aspects related to job skills, competencies, the impact of the worker on the company’s results or their behavior and attitude.

What is a performance appraisal system

A performance appraisal system is an HR tool that allows you to obtain highly reliable and permanently updated data on the work performance of any company. The performance program uses different performance indicators to provide an accurate picture of the performance of the workforce in general or any employee in particular.

The performance evaluation system also generates advantages for the company and employees, as it encourages good practices and allows the team’s effort to be recognized. In fact, it offers a plethora of data on the performance of each worker and reduces incorrect assumptions when measuring performance.

In addition, a good appraisal system can be combined with other types of Human Resources system to simplify the work of the department and obtain more accurate information about the situation of the personnel.

If you want to see for yourself how a performance appraisal system works, request a free HR software demo here . Still, we will explain all its features.

Why use a performance appraisal system to measure performance

It’s not hard to understand why job performance appraisal is so important for HR departments and companies in general. When the workforce does not perform at the expected level, the company’s activity will soon suffer .

When performance is measured, we obtain a double benefit for the organization: it improves the results of the different teams and the retention of the best talents. In short, performance management or performance management is essential for business growth.



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